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Taxes and contributions: everything you need to know as a freelancer

As a freelancer in France, dealing with administrative and tax obligations can sometimes seem like a complex task

IT Trends 2024

Information technology (IT) plays a crucial role in our daily lives. They impact on sectors as diverse as

ISO 27001 certification for companies

ISO 27001 (International Standard Organisation) certification sets out the requirements for the effective

Freelancing: the ultimate way to stay productive. For many of us, time is our worst enemy.

It seems endless when we’re working on a presentation, but when we’re spending

Are freelancers the future of tomorrow?

A genuine source of development and competitive advantage in the marketplace,

How to choose the right IT supplier ?

Choosing the right IT service provider means guaranteeing a high quality of service, the continuity

Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2022

Systems and applications are constantly evolving, and programming languages are evolving

How can you simplify your sourcing activities in a tight market?

In today’s tense market, where 60% of companies have difficulty finding IT profiles, new digital, agile

Plan Indépendants : 20 new support measures

Asset protection, unemployment insurance… The French President has unveiled an arsenal of support measures.

Develop your business with social networks

Today, social networks are essential tools for increasing your visibility. They enable you to make yourself known,