Top 5 programming languages to learn in 2022

Systems and applications are constantly evolving, and programming languages are evolving in both the industrial and research worlds. According to Wikipedia, there are 700 programming languages.

Today, companies all over the world are in great demand for sufficient knowledge of popular programming languages.

However, in this vast industry, it’s hard to decide which programming language is best.

This article presents the 5 most important programming languages to master by 2022.

What is a programming language?

A programming language is an artificial language that can be used to control the behavior of a machine, particularly a computer.

1 / JavaScript

A leader in desktop software, web and mobile applications, JavaScript is one of the best-known programming languages, with high demand and a strong following.

The language can be used for front-end, back-end and mobile development.

Developers find it attractive because of its interoperability with well-known frameworks such as Vue, Node, React and Angular.

2 / Java

Java is one of the most powerful programming languages, commonly used in over 3 billion computers.

Known for its stability, if you’re looking for a software development job in a large company, Java is one of the first languages you should learn.

In fact, it’s widely used in the development of native Android applications.

3 / Python

Commonly considered the best programming language to learn first, Python is very easy to learn.

It’s a programming language that’s widely used to develop scalable web applications that are fast, easy to use and deploy.

YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, SurveyMonkey are all built using Python.


Considered not as a language by freelancers, but more as a structure language, an undeniable knowledge on the market, if not a priority.

This pairing constitutes the basic elements of any web page, with HTML allowing the content of a page to be structured, and CSS allowing this structure to be styled and animated.

HTML and CSS are an excellent starting point for any young developer.

5 / PHP

Although this language is facing competition from Python and JavaScript, the market still needs a large number of PHP developers.

It has many features, including cross-platform compatibility and object-oriented programming capabilities.

It also enables easy interaction with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The language is easy for beginners to learn.

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