How to choose the right IT supplier ?

Choosing the right IT service provider means guaranteeing a high quality of service, the continuity of your business and the security of your information system. The slightest fault can have serious repercussions for all your services.

What’s more, it’s not always easy to find a consultant who offers services tailored to your needs (and at competitive rates). The selection of your IT service provider is therefore a CRUCIAL factor in the success of your projects.

In this article, you’ll find our top 5 tips for making the right choice!

01 / Identify your needs

In order to select your consultant, it’s essential to identify your needs. To do this, we recommend that you draw up a list of the services you require, for example!

  • System administration (Ops)
  • Support services
  • Application development (web, mobile, desktop…)
  • Outsourcing
  • Project management

02 / Determine your budget
The second step is to define your budget, as this will enable you to determine the number of resources that can work on your project, and their level of seniority.

03 / Check your technical skills
To check your technical skills, you can evaluate them during the qualification interview, but also through a number of technical tests, such as the CodinGame.

04 / Check your qualities
In addition to the technical tests, complete the assessment with an interview with a senior member of the project team. The smooth running of your business requires your service provider to meet a number of essential criteria:

  • Responsiveness: in the event of a breakdown, hacking or IT incident, he or she must be able to react quickly.
  • Ability to listen: to understand your challenges and expectations.
  • Creativity: to find new solutions and make proposals.
  • Logic: you need to have an analytical mind and a certain rigor to organize your code in a limpid way, to detect an error, to structure or to reason well.

05 / Use iSupplier
If you’re still struggling to find your IT service provider, iSupplier offers a new-generation solution that enables our customers to find the best consultants for their projects.

The iSupplier marketplace contains over 80,000 IT professionals!

Our platform also enables you to schedule meetings with selected candidates and validate the final offer.

Our teams are also at your disposal to help you choose the offers best suited to your needs.

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