How can you simplify your sourcing activities in a tight market?

In today’s tense market, where 60% of companies have difficulty finding IT profiles, new digital, agile and easy-to-use solutions can simplify your sourcing activities.

Today, setting up an intermediation platform is essential, as the various services it offers will save you time in managing your projects and reduce your costs.

At iSupplier, to facilitate our customers’ sourcing, we make our multi-service SaaS solution and our team of experts available to meet their needs!

The benefits of a Marketplace Setting up a Marketplace will centralize and simplify the management of your business: Access to a community of over 80,000 profiles Pre-qualify profiles and centralize exchanges Secure and simplify the administrative management of your suppliers

1. Access to the iSupplier community

Given the current market tension, it’s essential to diversify your search sources. Access to a community will enable you to reach an additional panel of profiles and simplify your sourcing activity. At iSupplier, our community is currently made up of +80,000 profiles of IT experts in a wide range of professions, technologies and skills, enabling us to meet +80% of our customers’ needs.

2. Pre-qualifying profiles and centralizing exchanges

When looking for a profile for a project, it’s essential to ensure that the person in question has the technical, functional and human skills required to successfully carry out the tasks at hand. This qualification phase takes time, and is a key element in the success of a project. To help our customers save time in this area, the iSupplier team can handle the pre-qualification of profiles. By combining the efficiency of our technology with the human expertise of our team, we select the best experts with regard to the needs and expectations of each party. Qualification interviews can then be scheduled directly from the platform between customers and suppliers.

3. Secure and simplify the administrative management of your suppliers

The administrative management of your suppliers is a time-consuming activity which can present your company with a number of risks.

As a customer, you are obliged to check that your subcontractors comply with their legal obligations.

If they fail to do so, you may be held jointly and severally liable for your subcontractor’s fault.

In order to provide you with greater peace of mind and save you time, you can outsource this task to the iSupplier team, who will take care of all the administrative management of the assignment (collection and verification of legal documents, sending a contract and purchase order, time and activity management, invoicing and payment of suppliers).

This will enable you to concentrate on your core business and limit the risks associated with subcontracting.

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