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Information technology (IT) plays a crucial role in our daily lives. They impact on sectors as diverse as healthcare and education, as well as logistics and production. Rapidly evolving, these technologies are shaping the way we work, communicate and access information. In this article, we present 3 IT trends that will mark the year 2024.

Artificial intelligence (AI) : a perennial trend

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve rapidly. Its influence on our daily lives is set to increase as new applications are developed and implemented. Allowing you to increase your productivity and competitiveness.

According to Gartner*, a key trend will be the democratization of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI).

Indeed, generative artificial intelligence refers to a sub-field of artificial intelligence. It focuses on the creation of models capable of realistically generating new data. GIA combines the concepts of learning, reasoning and self-correction to generate content.

Here’s our recommendation of tools for using generative artificial intelligence:

  • Chatbot (to answer your questions in the form of prompts)
  • Dall-e (to generate images and illustrations)
  • Gamma (to create presentations and websites)
  • Capcut (for easy video editing)
  • Canva (to create your own designs)
  • Synthesia (create videos with avatars)
  • Rask (to translate the language of your videos)

A fundamental trend : advanced connectivity

From 5G networks to IoT (internet of things) innovations, advanced connectivity is a trend shaping our future for 2024. Advanced connectivity often refers to technologies, solutions or infrastructures that go beyond traditional connectivity methods, offering enhanced functionality or performance.

The future of advanced connectivity is bright, with many developments expected in various technological fields. Here are just a few examples of areas where advanced connectivity can be found :

  • Telecommunications (use of the 5G network)
  •  Internet of Things – IoT (connected devices)
  •  Information systems (sophisticated network architecture)
  •  Automotive (on-board internet connectivity or communication between vehicles and road infrastructure V2I, communication between vehicles V2V)
  •  Enterprise networks (secure networks, cloud solutions, network virtualization)

According to Stéphane St-Pierre (Vice-President, ITI Solutions & Technologies), “Networking becomes the foundation of our innovation projects. It ensures that we go after significant gain and positive impact in transformation projects. “**

See our LinkedIn post on the event


Cloud and Edge Computing create a new trend

Cloud and Edge computing solutions are evolving to meet the growing needs of a hyper-connected society.

On the one hand, cloud computing enables you to access your IT resources via the Internet (in centralized data centers). Cloud computing is evolving towards new cloud models such as serverless computing.

On the other hand, edge computing involves storing your IT resources as close as possible to where the data is generated/used (personal computers and devices, corporate servers…). By 2024, the adoption of edge computing should continue to grow, with more widespread integration of processing capabilities at the edge of networks.

Finally, the trend to combine cloud computing with edge computing continues to develop, creating what is known as “Fog computing”. This will enable a better distribution of tasks between the central cloud and edge devices. Optimizing performance and energy consumption.


In conclusion, these trends are rapidly evolving and interconnected, creating a dynamic technological landscape. As an IT professional, it’s important for you to stay informed and adapt quickly to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by these evolutions. 

*Report on key strategic technology trends for 2024

**Quoted from the conference “Les tendances majeurs en TI” at SITI in Montreal

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