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  • Step 1: Transmission of the mission’s conditions by the customer and their validation.
  • Step 2: Contact of the suppliers by the iSupplier’s team.
  • Step 3: Collection and verification of legal documents (Compliance).
  • Step 4: Contract sent for signature.
  • Step 5: Purchase order sent for signature.
  • Step 6: Mission start-up.
  • Step 7: Entry of activity report by the consultant at the end of the month.
  • Step 8: Validation of acitvity report by the project manager.
  • Step 9: Invoicing and payment by iSupplier.
  • A K- bis extract (less than 3 month old)
  • Up-to-date professional insurance certificate
  • Certificate of tax regularity (less than 3 months old)
  • Certificate of declaration of foreign workers (less than 3 months old)
  • A certificate of administrative body responsible for collecting social security payments (less than 3 months old) (URSSAF).
You can upload your documents to the iSupplier platform via drag and drop or by selecting a file from the supplier administrator account. Each document has an expiry date. Before the expiry date, the supplier is alerted by e-mail.

You will receive the contract on the supplier administrator account. Your legal documents should be up to date and validated by the iSupplier’s team.

You will receive the contract on the supplier administrator account. Your contract should be generated and validated by the iSupplier’s team.

Once the Onboarding is complete and the activity report has been submitted on the iSupplier platform and validated by the project manager, you can submit your invoice from the supplier administrator account, or generate an automatic invoice directly on the platform.

On the supplier administrator account and in the “Accounting” tab, click on “Generate” to complete your invoice number.

ISupplier applies the same payment terms as the customer.

You have the option of early payment within 3 to 60 days.

In case of bugs on the platform, please send an e-mail to: help@isupplier.fr or contact the iSupplier team by phone: 01 76 41 14 81

You can access the “Invoice” tab, and click on the cancel button at the top right of the screen. This cancels the existing invoice, enabling the team to validate the credit note.

Once the credit note has been validated, you can submit your new invoice.

If your company’s legal information changes, please notify your iSupplier contact by e-mail.

You will need to update your new company’s legal documents on the iSupplier platform from your supplier administrator account.

All auto-entrepreneurs are required to submit all documents. If you don’t have certain documents, you can check “I don’t have this document and give a reason”. In this case, they can be replaced by a certificate from your certified accountant.

Once the purchase order has been signed and validated, the consultant can submit the monthly activity report in the “Activity reports” tab.

You can then fill in the calendar, day by day, or by selecting several days. A window appears to select the number of hours/days. Each completed day is automatically saved, and you can submit your Activity Report later, which will change to “Submitted” status.

*Without validation of the current month’s activity report, you will not be able to submit the next month’s activity report.

You can correct a submitted activity report by clicking on a cancel button on the activity report already entered from the consultant account. The activity report will be cancelled and you will be able to enter it again.

The Project Manager (Customer) receives an e-mail notification as soon as your activity report has been submitted, so that he can validate it.

You can declare your expenses on the iSupplier platform from your consultant account by clicking on “New expense” and by adding supporting documents. The expenses become “Submitted”, subject to budget availability.

You can enter your on-call time on the iSupplier platform by clicking on “new on-call time” in the consultant account. The on-call time changes to “Submitted” status. The on-call schedule changes to “Submitted” status, subject to budget availability.

You have the option of clicking on “cancel” once you’ve entered your invoices in the consultant account. However, once the invoice has been generated, you will no longer be able to modify or cancel it.