The 10 qualities that clients look for in freelancers

With the covid crisis, a large proportion of the population has taken a liking to telecommuting and thus to a degree of independence, and freelance status has been growing rapidly in recent years. With so many people offering their skills and assets, it can be difficult for companies to choose between the different profiles of freelance workers.

In fact, selection can be based on a number of criteria. Certain technical skills and human qualities can make it easier to start a project:

Be an expert in your field: have a specialty that enables you to meet customers’ precise expectations and bring technical expertise to bear on projects.

Communicative: to establish a fluid relationship and be quickly understood by the people you are dealing with.

Experienced: to have the technical skills required to respond effectively to customer requests and expectations.

Versatile: certain missions require the ability to adapt and upgrade skills on certain subjects/technologies.

Autonomous: know how to prioritize tasks in order to carry them out successfully.

Organized: know how to structure your approach to projects, with precise operating procedures to reassure customers.

Creative: to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your ability to be innovative, express your personality and bring a personal touch to your projects.

Be open-minded: take an interest in the customer and demonstrate genuine motivation for the challenge of the future mission.

Consistency: on objectives with the customer, on the vision and development of the project.

Curious: express a willingness to learn, be observant, inquire about details that could improve the project.

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